Friendship Cup 2019

Date: Mar 30, 2019 to Mar 30, 2019

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Registration Fee:
One/Two Events - $60.00
Three Events - $65.00

Please see below for Family Event Pricing

One/Two Events - $60.00
Three Events - $65.00

Please see below for Famuly Event Pricing

Spectators: $7.00
Children ages 4 and under: Free
Seniors ages 65 and older: $5.00

Family Event Pricing:
Rate Scale
1st Family Member 1-2 Event(s) = $60.00 3 Events = $65.00
2nd Family Member 1-2 Event(s) = $55.00 3 Events = $60.00
3rd Family Member 1-2 Event(s) = $50.00 3 Events = $55.00
4th Family Member 1-2 Event(s) = $45.00 3 Events = $50.00

Tournament Contact Information:
Isao Gary Tsutsui

Venue & Location:
Colorado School of Mines, Lockridge Arena
1651 Elm Street
Golden, CO 80401

Tournament Information:
Tournament Info Packet: Open

Tournament Background:

Medical Release:
By clicking the "I Agree" you are electronically signing this agreement indicating that you have read, and understood the terms and conditions, refund policy, and release of liability, you are 18 years of age or older or the parent or legal guardian of the minor registering for this tournament or event. In the case of registering a minor you attest that the name entered as the parent or legal guardian is the name of the person accepting the agreement and you are in fact the parent or legal guardian of the registered minor.

I understand that karate is a very dangerous martial art involving forceful physical contact, that it is likely to incite aggressive behavior which is beyond the control of Friendship Cup 2019 (“FC 2019”), Colorado Budokan ("CB"), and Colorado School of Mines (“CSM”), that severe injuries or death may result from my participation in the activities of this martial art, and I fully and knowingly accept these risks. I therefore release FC 2019, CB, CSM, their officers, agents, and employees, any and all volunteers or paid instructors from any and all liability, now and in the future, arising from or in connection with the activities of and concerning FC 2019, CB, and CSM.
Further, I understand that any medical treatment given to me will be of a first aid treatment type only.
Further, I certify that I am physically and emotionally sound, have medical approval to proceed with rigorous exercise, including physical contact, and assume full responsibility for my own well-being. I hereby waive any and all rights I may have to bring any legal action against FC2019, any participant, CB, CB member, CSM, CSM
representative, or anyone else in connection with any injury I may suffer as a result of my participation in FC 2019.

Further, I release the FC 2019, CB, and CSM from any and all liability, which would, could, or might arise from any act of omission on its part in connection with the FC2019, the CB, and CSM.

If under 18 years of age, the approval of a parent or legal guardian is required.

I have read and understood the above.

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