10th Annual Billings YMCA Karate Tournament

Date: Oct 26, 2019 to Oct 26, 2019

This Tournament is closed for online registration.

Registration Fee:

$40 for Unlimited Events. Maximum $80 per family

Tournament Contact Information:
Michael Kok

Venue & Location:
Billings Family YMCA
402 N. 32nd St
Billing, MT 59101

Tournament Information:

Tournament Background:
This tournament is a fundraiser for the Billings Family YMCA Jacob Ford Annual Campaign. All proceeds will go to provide financial assistance to ensure that no child or family is turned away from life-enhancing YMCA programs because of their inability to pay.

This will be an open tournament but will follow USANKF rules for competition. To review these rules please go to www.usankf.org under member resources. Events will include individual kata (forms), individual kumite (sparing), weapons kata, team kata, and team kumite with several divisions for ages and different levels of rank.

Medical Release:

By clicking the "I Agree" you are electronically signing this agreement indicating that you have read, and understood the terms and conditions, refund policy, and release of liability, you are 18 years of age or older or the parent or legal guardian of the minor registering for this tournament or event. In the case of registering a minor you attest that the name entered as the parent or legal guardian is the name of the person accepting the agreement and you are in fact the parent or legal guardian of the registered minor.

The person who is participating in the Karate Meet at the Billings Family YMCA shall be referred to hereinafter as
"PARTICIPANT". "THE UNDERSIGNED" means only the PARTICIPANT when the PARTICIPANT is age 18 or older OR it means both the PARTICIPANT and the PARTICIPANT’S parent’s or legal guardian when
the PARTICIPANT is under the age of 18. THE UNDERSIGNED agree and understand that participating in Karate Meet (hereinafter the "ACTIVITY") can be HAZARDOUS AND INVOLVES THE RISK OF

THE UNDERSIGNED agree and understand that there are risks associated with strenuous physical exertion
and with participating in the ACTIVITY that INJURIES AND/OR DEATH may result from engaging in the
ACTIVITY. THE UNDERSIGNED agree and understand that risks include, but are not limited to: equipment failure, misuse of equipment, slipping, falling, uneven surfaces, wet surfaces, other participants, strenuous
activity, improper supervision/instruction, and/or the condition(s) of the PARTICIPANT. INJURIES AND/OR DEATH RANGE FROM: 1) minor injuries such as scratches, bruises, and sprains to 2) major injuries such as lacerations, loss of vision, joint or back injuries, fractures, concussions, and heart ailments to 3) the very rare catastrophic injuries including forms of paralysis and death.

In consideration for allowing the PARTICIPANT to participate in the ACTIVITY, THE UNDERSIGNED hereby
ASSUME ALL RISKS associated with the PARTICIPANT’S participation in the ACTIVITY. Additionally,
Family YMCA, its affiliated organizations and companies and each of their respective insurance carriers,
agents, employees, volunteers, representatives, assignees, officers, directors, and shareholders (each
hereinafter a "RELEASED PARTY") FOR ANY AND ALL LIABILITY and/or claims for injury or death to persons or damage to property arising from the PARTICIPANT’S participation in the ACTIVITY, including
those claims based on any RELEASED PARTY’s alleged or actual NEGLIGENCE or BREACH OF any express or implied WARRANTY.
THE UNDERSIGNED take full responsibility for any injury or loss to PARTICIPANT, including death, which PARTICIPANT may suffer, arising in whole or in part out of the ACTIVITY. By signing this release, THE UNDERSIGNED AGREE NOT TO SUE any RELEASED PARTY and agree they are releasing any right to make a claim or file a lawsuit against any RELEASED PARTY. THE UNDERSIGNED further AGREE TO DEFEND AND INDEMNIFY each RELEASED PARTY for any and all claims of THE UNDERSIGNED and/or a THIRD-PARTY arising in the whole or in part from the PARTICIPANT'S participation in the ACTIVITY. THE UNDERSIGNED agree to pay all costs and attorney's fees incurred by any RELEASED PARTY in defending a client or suit brought by or on behalf of all of THE UNDERSIGNED.

THE UNDERSIGNED recognize that protective clothing and equipment are recommended and PARTICIPANT
agrees to wear protective clothing and equipment at all times while participating in the ACTIVITY. THE UNDERSIGNED understand and agree that protective clothing and equipment IS IN NO WAY ANY GUARANTEE OF SAFETY and that no protective clothing and equipment can protect the wearer against all foreseeable impacts to the body, and that the ACTIVITY and other related activities can expose THE UNDERSIGNED to forces that exceed the limits of protection provided by protective clothing and equipment. THE UNDERSIGNED also understands that such protective clothing and equipment does not guard against all injuries to the body, and that these limitations are INHERENT RISKS of the ACTIVITY.

THE UNDERSIGNED represent that the PARTICIPANT is in good health and there are no special problems
associated with his/her care. THE UNDERSIGNED authorize any RELEASED PARTY and/or their
authorized personnel to call for medical care for the PARTICIPANT or to transport the PARTICIPANT to a medical facility or hospital if, in the opinion of such personnel, medical attention is needed. THE
UNDERSIGNED agree that upon the PARTICIPANT'S transport to any such medical facility or hospital that
the RELEASED PARTY shall not have any further responsibility for the PARTICIPANT. Further, THE UNDERSIGNED agree to pay all costs associated with such medical care and related transportation
provided for the PARTICIPANT and shall indemnify and hold harmless the RELEASED PARTY from
any loss incurred therein, or any claims arising therefrom.

In consideration for allowing the PARTICIPANT to participate in the ACTIVITY and for using the facilities, THE UNDERSIGNED agree that ANY AND ALL CLAIMS for injury and/or death arising from the
PARTICIPANT'S participation in the ACTIVITY shall be GOVERNED BY MONTANA LAW and EXCLUSIVE JURISDICTION of any claim shall be in the LOCAL COURT residing where the alleged
incident occurred or in the FEDERAL COURT FOR THE STATE OF MONTANA.

In the case of a minor PARTICIPANT, THE UNDERSIGNED parent or legal guardian acknowledges that he/she is
also signing this release on behalf of the minor PARTICIPANT and that the minor PARTICIPANT shall be
bound by all the terms of this release. Additionally, BY SIGNING THIS RELEASE AS THE PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN OF A MINOR PARTICIPANT, the parent or legal guardian understands that he/she
is waiving certain rights on behalf of the minor that the minor otherwise may have.

THE UNDERSIGNED and PARTCIPANT acknowledge that the Billings Family YMCA is a charitable non-profit organization organized under the law of the State of Montana and nothing in this AGREEMENT shall be
construed as a waiver of charitable non-profit status and/or benefits under Montana law.

By signing this release without a parent or guardian signature, the PARTICIPANT represents that he/she is at least
18 years of age, or, if signing as the parent or guardian of the PARTICIPANT, you represent that you are the legalparent or guardian of the minor PARTICIPANT.

This Tournament is closed for online registration.