Tibon's Goju Ryu 35th Annual Winter IN HOUSE Karate Championships

Date: Dec 08, 2019 to Dec 08, 2019

This Tournament is closed for online registration.

Registration Fee:

 1 Division - $45
 $10 Each Addtl

 *At the Door $20 Late Charge

Spectator adult $8 - Seniors & child age 6 up $5
Spectator option – Can Food Drive to help the needy in the Stockton Community
1 –Canned Turkey or Canned Ham Adult Admission or
10 – Can Foods for Adult and 5 – Cans for Child admission

Tournament Contact Information:
Eugene Tibon
(209) 465-0943

Venue & Location:
Lincoln High School Gymnasium
6844 Alexandria Pl
Stockton, CA 95207

Tournament Information:
Style of Martial Art: Japaneses Okinawan
Tournament Sponsor: Tibon's Goju Ryu Fighting Arts & USANKF of Northern Cal

Tournament Background:
Competition starts at 10:00am: Purpose of this tournament is to give the students from the extreme beginning level to the National Team Pool athletes an opportunity to develop their competition skill in Karate without having to travel across the state or country. Many of our students have developed as National, International, Pan-American and World Champions. This competition allows even the newest karate students to compete in specialized divisions created by Sensei Gene Tibon that challenges the extreme beginning level students in "Paddle Kumite" a reaction drill competition against another opponent, Obstacle Course an agility motivated competition based on time, response, balance, and quickness, and Monkey Tail competition another strategy competition against multiple competitors at once for the extreme beginners in a comfortable atmosphere, and have a great learning experience. We have created the first of it's kind Extreme Beginning Level competition for the newest karate students with as little as a week of experience in karate training, who can compete and be a part of this incredible opportunity to participate all under the guidance of Confident and knowledgeable referees and judges, who will judge the competition. Register ON LINE no later than December 7th, 8pm, and deadline for at dojo register papers is Dec. 6th

Medical Release:
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RELEASE FROM LIABILITY: As a participant in the Tibon’s Goju Ryu Fighting Arts In-House Organization Tournament and USANKF of Northern California Inc. the undersigned understands that there is physical contact between the participants. I realize that there is a possibility of personal injury. I hereby assume all risk of such injury while participating is caused by the negligence of the participants, instructors, coaches, officials, judges, medical staff, staff or other manner. In assuming the risk of personal injury while participating in the tournament I hereby release the promoters, Lincoln High Unified District, its Officers, staff, board of directors, Sponsors, its staff and members from all liability and waive all claims and suits against them from any injury or otherwise which arises from my participation. I fully understand this release from liability has the effect of releasing and waiving all claims for suits for personal injury, no matter how caused, while I participate in the tournament. I further agree that any pictures, videotaping or television coverage taken of me or furnished by me in connection with the said martial arts tournament can be used for publicity, promotions or television.

This Tournament is closed for online registration.