Seminar Elpida Christodoulou 5th Dan SKIF World Champion

Date: Nov 23, 2019 to Nov 23, 2019

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Registration Fee:

$40 for the seminar

Tournament Contact Information:
Stephanie Cunha

Venue & Location:
Quatama Elementary School
6905 NE Campus Way
Hillsboro, OR 97124

Tournament Information:
Style of Martial Art: Karate Shotokan
Sanctioned by: Hillsboro Shotokan Karate
Tournament Sponsor: Hillsboro Shotokan Karate
Tournament Info Packet: Open

Tournament Background:
Hillsboro Shotokan Karate is organizing an exceptional seminar with a World Champion in both kata and kumite, Elpida Christodoulou, 5th Dan SKIF. She is coming from Greece to share her expertise.

Elpida Christodoulou is:

- Member of the national team of SKIF (individual Kumite, individual kata, team leader women kata, team leader women kumite) 2000 – 2019
- Member of the national team of WKF in different categories – Greece, from 2000-2012
- Coach of the National team SKIF boys/girls- men/women kata-kumite
- Instructor in Shotokan Karate Club Ilision “Yamada Kan” since 2005

Highest achievements:

Gold Medal Kumite Women -60kg European Championship Oporto-Portugal SKIF
Third Place KATA Women World Championship SKIF Durban-South Africa 2003
Gold Medal Kumite Women -60kg European Championship Oporto-Portugal SKIF
Third Place Kumite Team Women World Championship SKIF Japan 2006- Team Leader
Gold Medal Kumite Women Open World Championship OKINAWA 2007 -All Shotokan Federation -In Memory of 50 yrs Gichin Funakoshi
Second Place KATA Team Women World Championship SKIF Greece 2009-Team Leader
Second Place KATA Women individual European Championship SKIF Budapest 2011
Third Place KATA Women European Championship SKIF Dresden-Germany 2014
Third Place Kumite Women -60 European Championship SKIF Czech Republic 2017
Gold Medal Kumite Women Open U45 World Championship SKIF Czech Republic 2019
Second Place KATA Team Women- Masters World Championship SKIF Czech Republic 2019

For a detailed interview:

The seminar will take place in the Quatama Elementary School in Hillsboro Oregon on Saturday November 23rd from 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM.

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This Tournament is closed for online registration.