Friendship Cup Coach Code of Conduct Agreement

Date: Feb 05, 2022 to Feb 05, 2022

This Tournament is closed for online registration.

Registration Fee:

$1 non-refundable processing fee

Tournament Contact Information:
Isao Gary Tsutsui

Venue & Location:
Colorado School of Mines - Lockridge Arena
1651 Elm Street
Golden, CO 80401

Tournament Information:

Tournament Background:
1. Coaches’ official dress.
a. All coaches shall wear a tracksuit including athletic type shoes. No open toe shoes, sandals, or flip flops allowed while on the competition floor.
b. All coaches shall wear a face mask on the competition area and adjacent Lockridge arena premises.
c. No hats will be allowed on the competition floor.

2. Coaches must sign Coach Code of Conduct.

3. Coaches must obey all event rules and procedures.

4. Coaches are allowed on the competition floor only for facilitating the event, coaching athletes and insuring a fair and unbiased sporting environment. NOT spectating.

5. Coaches are prohibited from using communication devices such as cell phones and “walkie-talkies” while coaching their athletes.

6. Coaches are prohibited from videotaping or photographing on the competition floor.

7. Competition floor access.
a. Each dojo may have a maximum of three coaches (1 coach/1-5 competitors, 2 coaches/6-10 competitors, 3 coaches/ 11+ competitors) on the competition floor.
b. Coaches are allowed on the competition floor only when their athlete is: 1) engaged in a kumite match, 2) the “on deck competitor.”
c. Coaches must stay in the area assigned to them while in the competition area.
d. Coaches are required to be seated at the ring while waiting for their athlete to compete.
e. Coaches may not stand around the tatami.
f. No coaches will be allowed on the competition floor for kata divisions.

8. Official protest.
a. Coaches cannot ask for an explanation of judgment calls from any member of the Referee Panel and Referee
b. No one may protest a judgment to the members of the Refereeing Panel
c. In the case of an administrative malfunction during a match in progress, the coach may notify the Tatami Manager directly.

9. Score table and personnel
a. Coaches are strictly prohibited from being behind the score table at any time. Unauthorized people can
distract table personnel and affect the integrity of the score and time keeping.
b. Coaches found disturbing table personnel will be removed immediately.

10. Coaches must listen to and obey all orders from the Referee Panel and Referee Committee.

11. Anyone without proper coaching credentials and attire will not be allowed to coach on the competition floor.

12. Any discourteous behavior from a member (athlete, coach, parent, relative, friend) of an official delegation can earn the disqualification of a competitor, the entire team, or delegation from the tournament.

13. All coaches must attend the Referee, Judge, and Coach meeting before the start of Friendship Cup 2020 to receive their credentials.

Medical Release:
Friendship Cup 2022 is committed to the highest standards of sport karate and expects all coaches to honor the traditions
and spirit of karate-do.
I understand as a Coach participating in Friendship Cup 2022, there are responsibilities, expectations, and duties attached
to my position. Additionally, my position is one of authority and it is critical to the development of athletes and the
technical integrity of traditional karate-do.
As an official Coach of Friendship Cup 2022, I hereby agree to:
1. Obey and abide by Friendship Cup 2022 rules, regulations, protocols, and procedures.
2. Facilitate implementation and efficacy of Coronavirus (Covid-19) guidelines and protocols.
3. Conform to the appropriate dress codes and always maintain the highest standards of conduct.
4. Conduct myself in a manner that “honors karate-do.”
5. Respect and support tournament officials and volunteers.
6. Not indulge in conduct which would incite athletes or spectators against officials.
7. Quietly and privately address all concerns to the Head Official or Tournament Director at the appropriate time when
any problem with the officiating occurs.
8. Refrain from using profane or abusive language and obscene gestures.
9. Refrain from use of alcohol, un-prescribed drugs or other controlled substances which could impair my judgment or
abilities as a Coach.
10. Refrain from making disparaging or personal remarks about competitors, officials, or their performance(s) at all times.
11. Always endeavor to promote the history, philosophy, and techniques of traditional karate-do.
I hereby confirm that I have read the Coach Code of Conduct, that I agree to and shall comply with the terms and conditions
contained therein, and I fully understand the expectations hereafter imposed upon me as a Coach at Friendship Cup 2022.

This Tournament is closed for online registration.