Tibon's Goju Ryu Karate 36th Annual Summer IN HOUSE Invitational Karate Championships

Date: Jun 23, 2024 to Jun 23, 2024

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Registration Fee:

1 Division $70
$10 Each Additional division
Preregistration required

Spectator adult $10 - Seniors & child age 6 up $5

Tournament Contact Information:
Eugene Tibon

Venue & Location:
St. Mary's High School Gymnasium
5648 N. El Dorado St.
Stockton, CA 95207

Tournament Information:
Tournament Info Packet: Open

Tournament Background:
Competition starts at 10:00am: Purpose of this tournament is to give the students at the most beginning level students with only as much as a week of karate training with special divisions created by Sensei Gene Tibon an opportunity to participate in divisions designed for agility, like the Obstacle Course fastest time wins, Paddle Kumite for hand eye and eye foot reaction development first to 3 points, and Monkey Tail which emphasizes on strategy and angles for the youngest competitors last 3 standing wins, who have not yet been introduced to contact kumite with an opportunity to develop their competition skill in Karate.

The beginning students will have a chance to develop their first level of competition in a professional competition setting without having to travel across the state or country to find any divisions of this type, because there are none like our specialized Tibon’s Goju Ryu IN HOUSE Tournament.

Many of our students have developed as National, International, Pan-American, World Champions, and an Olympic hopeful. This competition allows the students to compete in a comfortable atmosphere and have a great learning experience. Confident and knowledgeable referees will judge the competition.

Register ONLINE no later than June 21st, 8pm, and deadline for at dojo register papers is June 20th.
*REGISTER ON-LINE www.karatetmaster.com (No Refunds) Spectator adult $10 - Seniors & child aged 6 up $5

Rules and Guidelines
1st Place, 2nd Place, and Double 3rd Place Medals will be given for the following Divisions: Individual Kata, Individual Kumite, Individual Kobudo

Beginner Divisions will not receive points for face contact. Gloves, mouthpiece, and foot gear are required. Chest protectors are optional for females and youth under 18. Groin protectors required for males. Head gear and chest protectors will be required for some divisions and will be on-hand when needed. Shin guards and instep protectors are optional, feet gear is required equipment for kumite. A limited amount will be available.
Coaching of the competitors is not allowed. Individuals who insist on coaching may be ejected from the tournament. This is a family friendly tournament cheering and supporting is encouraged!
Kata: Competitors in the beginner and intermediate divisions are allowed to start their kata over if they forget their place or stop kata in the middle.

7kyu and below (adult and youth): Beginner divisions may only perform basic level Katas. Examples of suitable Katas: Taikyoku Katas, Fukui Kata, Kihons, Heians (1-5), Pinans (1-5), Gekisai (Ichi or Ni), Saifa, Sanchin, Tensho, Kanshiwas, Uechi-ryu style, Tioshi Shodan. Other beginner level traditional katas are ok.

6kyu to 4kyu (adult and junior): Examples: Heian (1-5) or Pinan (1-5), Tekki or Naihanchi (1 or 2), Kanshu, Wankan, Jion, Aoyagi, Gigisai (Ichi or Ni), Saifa, Seiyunchin, Sanseru, Hangetsu, Shinsein Ni, Jitte, Jiin, etc. Fair level matching is important.

3rd kyu to 1st kyu (Adult, Youth Advanced) Examples: Saifa, Seiyunchin, Sanseru, Shisochin, Seisan, Tekki or Naihanchi 3, Jion, Bassai Dai, Bassai Sho, Jiin, Empi, Chintei, Jitte, Koshokun Sho, Matsukaze, Sochin, etc. Fair level matching is important.

Important. Black belt: Examples: , Seisan, Sepai, Kururunfa, Suparimpei, Gojushijo Sho and Dai, Unsu, Kushanku, Kanku Dai and Sho, Chinto, Supar-Eimpei, Nipai-Po, Sochin, Chinshu, Tomari and Matsumura Bassai, Hakutsuru, Jion, Bassai Sho, Rohai Dai and San, Matsumura Rohai, Empi, Chatanyara Kushanku, Gankaku, Myojo, Chintei, Jitte, Jion, Juroku, Koshokun Dai, etc.

Kumite: Modified USA Karate Rules.

Scoring Areas: 8.1.1 A technique that lands on the shoulder blades may score. The non-scoring part of the shoulder is the junction of the upper bone of the arms with the shoulder blades and collarbones.
8.2 Proper Distance: 8.2.1 When determining the amount of contact, the age and experience level of the competitors must be considered.
8.2.2 For 14- to 15-year-old competitors, "skin touch" is allowed for kicks only. Hand contact to jodan will be penalized.
8.2.3 Competitors 13 and younger a) No Jodan contact of any kind is permitted for competitors 13 years and under.
The duration of kumite bouts for all Karate categories is one minute thirty seconds (1:30). 5.2 Timekeeping shall be by "stop time"; however, the Chief Referee may determine that "running time" may be used in beginner, novice, or intermediate categories.

Medical Release:
By clicking the "I Agree" you are electronically signing this agreement indicating that you have read, and understand and agree to the terms and conditions, refund policy, release of liability, and you are 18 years of age or older. If the registrant is a minor under 18 for this event you attest that the name entered as the parent or legal guardian is the name of the person accepting the agreement and is in fact the parent or legal guardian of the registered minor.

RELEASE FROM LIABILITY: As a participant in Tibon’s Goju Ryu Fighting Arts 36th Annual Summer In-House Organization Tournament and USANKF of Northern
California Inc. the undersigned understands that there is physical contact between the participants. I realize that there is a possibility of personal injury. I
hereby assume all risk of such injury while participating is caused by the negligence of the participants, instructors, coaches, officials, judges, medical staff,
staff or other manner. In assuming the risk of personal injury while participating in the tournament I hereby release the promoters, St. Mary’s High School, its
Officers, staff, board of directors, Sponsors, its staff, and members from all liability and waive all claims and suits against them from any injury or otherwise
which arises from my participation. I fully understand this release from liability has the effect of releasing and waiving all claims for suits for personal injury,
no matter how caused, while I participate in the tournament. I further agree that any pictures, videotaping, or television coverage taken of me or furnished by
me in connection with the said martial arts tournament can be used for publicity, promotions, or television.

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